Acanthus Clews Architects Transforms A Dilapidated Medieval Hall Into A Stunning Activity Center

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 21, 2017 03:20 AM EDT


    Acanthus Clews Architects made a great transformation in Burford's Church of St. John the Baptist. In essence, its Warwick Hall is now a functional cafe and meeting rooms for its community.

    As stated in Acanthus Clews Architects official website, the design studio received an exciting chance to transform a historic building into something more symbolic. The Warwick Hall started as an extension only for the main church building. Now, it's already considered as the "heart of community life" in the area.

    After the medieval hall became a school and parish hall, it was left completely unused. The church officials decided to change it. Hence, they called Acanthus Clews Architects to design it into a new facility for all.

    The new community architecture is now a cafe and a social hub. it's being avoided before, it's the most frequented place today. The Acanthus Clews Architects still preserved its history-rich structure to complement with its original building. It only made new entrances and integrated renewable energy features.

    Dezeen shared more details regarding the breakthrough transformation of Warwick Hall in Burford. Notably, Acanthus Clews Architects also spoke about it in the report.

    "It is hoped that the hall will be able to provide an intimate space for concerts or prayer one day,"studio director David Finlay explained. "then a hub of community activity the next - with kids groups and a local day center for the elderly," he added.

    As noted by Acanthus Clews Architects in Warwick Hall main goal, it's to maximize the narrow space and give it more ventilation. In essence, it reshaped its roof, added higher ceilings and glazed doors. Now, the light freely gets through the whole space.

    To match the old architecture, Acanthus Clews Architects also used traditional materials such as natural stone roof tiles and limestone blocks. Now, the place biggest draw is how they made it contemporary with it.

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