Dubai's Latest Architectural Landmark Scheduled To Open This Year Even After an Architect Claims His Design Was Stolen

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 20, 2017 03:54 PM EDT


    The Dubai Frame is soon to be open later this year despite enduring a lawsuit. The suit is filed before a US federal court by the architect, Fernando Donis, against the Dubai Municipality and ThyssenKrupp Elevator. It is alleged that his design was stolen and claims he never received either a contract or compensation for his design.

    Dezeen reported that Fernando Donis is a Rotterdam-based architect. Nine years ago, he had won an international competition for the project which was organized by the Dubai Municipality and German company ThyssenKrupp Elevator. He trumped over 9,000 contestants. Don’s proposal, also named the Dubai frame, features two parallel towers connected by an observation deck, quite similar to a temporary landmark Donis had previously designed for London.

    The Dubai government has reportedly dismissed Donis’ complaint because he had received a $100,000 (£81,800) prize for winning the competition. However, the rules of the contest provide that the architect would have the right to keep the copyright and that the design would only be used after a corresponding contract has been signed.

    The complaint has already been served, according to Gulf News. A response has not yet been filed from the Dubai Municipality and ThyssenKrupp who are respectively located in the United Arab Emirates and Germany. Donis made the story public in order to raise awareness and to achieve more respect to the discipline in the future.

    The Dubai frame is measured to be 150-metres high and 93-metres wide. It is located near the Star Gate games and rides area of Dubai’s Za’abeel Park. It is reported that it will be completed by the end of this year. This will be another iconic symbol adding to the array of internationally known landmarks in Dubai among the likes of the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and other famous buildings of the emirate. The frame will offer visitors a unique feel of walking on high altitude and to make the visitors enjoy the panoramic sights of Dubai.

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