Former CEO of Moooi Is Now an Investor of Minimalux

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    Design Design Mar 20, 2017 04:08 PM EDT


    Since stepping down as CEO of Moooi after 14 years with the company, Casper Vissers, a Dutch design entrepreneur, has made a change of career path by becoming an equal shareholder in Minimalux. As an investor in Minimalux, Vissers will act in an advisory capacity as the luxury homeware brand takes on a five-year expansion plan. According to Minimalux, Visser will not be taking an active position nor will be seating in the board of directors.

    Minimalux, a British brand, will be continued to be directed and managed by Mark Holmes and Tamara Caspersz, according to Dezeen. Minimalux is a company that sells homeare and accessories that are formally minmal but are made with premum materials. It sells it product primarily online. Holmes and Caspersz are the founders of the company in 2009. They also founded Established & Sons.

    Vissers will work together with Holmes and Caspersz. He willl provide advice and support in line with the strategic five-year expansion plan formulated by Holmes and Caspersz. Vissers’ investment has been a huge deal of support. Since then, Minimalux which has been expanding its infrastructure and has been developing new designs.

    Holmes and Caspersz have expressed that they are privilged to have Vissers’ insight and ideas being shared in the company. Vissers has earned respect in the design world having known to have a successful business mind in the industry.

    In 2015, the same publication also reported that Vissers announced his departure in Moooi on May 2015 to embark on a new entrepreneurial opportunities. He handed over the position of CEO to Robin Bevers on September 1, 2015. Moooi is a Dutch furniture and lighting brand. Vissers co-founded the company with designer Marcel Wanders in 2001 with the intention of shaking up the industry since the furniture and lighting industry was pretty boring as Vissers described it. Ever since then, Vissers and Wander build the company into one of the industry’s largest names having an annual turnover of more then €30million.

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