New Designers 2017 Paraphernalia Is A Must-Have For Aspiring Digital Artists

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 23, 2017 01:11 PM EDT


    This new designers 2017 apparatus is certainly an item that any aspiring designer should have in their toolset. Artists, engineers, architects and designers all rely on a set of paraphernalia that aids them in their work.

    Whether its designing structures or calculating the measurements of clothing, using tools that read accurate measurements are always a must. However, it's quite difficult to translate designs made in real life, into the digital world. This is where the new designers 2017 tool called the Lindlund, comes into the picture.

    The Lindlund is a high-tech smart measuring device in the form of a ruler. According to Fast Company, this new designers 2017 equipment is the product of Swiss designers Axel Lindmarker and Jens Marklund.

    What makes this smart ruler special is not just its accurate digital readings, but also its ability to seamlessly translate measurements between the physical and digital worlds. The Lindlund also comes with a wealth of features such as the ability to measure web-design digital pixels, and typography as well.

    Artists who constantly switch their designs back and forth between physical and digital copies would greatly benefit from this designers 2017 upgrade based on reliable traditional tools. The Lindlund can be bought via KickStarter for a starting price of $25 per ruler.

    As for interior designers who love visualizing a room before designing it, there's a new designers 2017 app built just for that. Enter the augmented reality app developed by furnishings store chain Pottery Barn, called the 3D Room View.

    According to Furniture Today, this new designers 2017 AR app will focus on helping customers design a room. Interior designers can utilize 3D Room View by using their smartphone's camera, and visualize how the room will look like prior to finalizing their designs.

    Of course, there's no substitute for traditional measurement tools or an artist's intuition, when it comes to design. Fortunately for artists, these new designers 2017 tools could aid them in evolving and adapting into this modern digital era.

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