Hazelbaker Rush Desert House Architecture Will Make You Envious

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 23, 2017 07:38 AM EDT


    An urban architecture created by Hazelbaker Rush is now at the foot of El Paso ridge. The Franklin Mountain House is a stunning mix of designs. The different floors feature vernacular and modern take on living in the desert.

    According to the Hazelbaker Rush official website, the Tucson-based design studio founded by Darci Hazelbaker and Dale Rush focuses on building architectures that are artful yet minimalist. Warmth and comfort are also equally combined in it. The Franklin Mountain House is actually a prime example of it.

    The Texas home's experience-based architectural strategy is part of its success too. When Hazelbaker Rush constructed the Franklin Mountain House, it also noted the beauty of El Paso's desert. Thus, the owners continually get engaged in the place even just inside their home.

    In another report by Dezeen, it mainly shared the beauty of architecture and design of Hazelbaker Rush's Franklin Mountain House. It's El Paso's landscape and urban collaboration isn't the only thing to envy, in essence, everything about it is desirous.

    The 5,2000 square feet three-storey house is built on a rugged cacti-rich desert. "Sanctuary on the hillside", Hazelbaker Rush said as its description on the report. The making of Franklin Mountain House in the area definitely presented a huge challenge for the design studio.

    Using volcanic rocks, Hazelbaker Rush team constructed a unique lower floor for the Franklin Mountain House. It's made to camouflage on the bedrocks of the ridge, from afar it disappears. The only thing visible is its all-white upper portion. It's made from an incredible angle to make way for the large windows views.

    Hazelbaker Rush let the Franklin Mountain House embrace the external features of the El Paso. It added a pool terrace and an outdoor living room to for it. In all floors, the homeowners have access on the exterior of the house for them to enjoy the extra treats.

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