Inflatable Roofs take on the Shape of Pinecones by 3Gatti Architecture Studio

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 22, 2017 06:05 PM EDT


    A new design pinpoints inflatable roofs with the shape of pinecones in this proposed project by 3Gatti Architecture Studio in Latvia. This proposal is part of a competition that the design company joined.

    3Gatti Architecture Studio showed their imagined proposal for an eco-resort and spa located in the forests of Latvia and the buildings have inflatable roofs in the shape of pinecones. Dezeen online magazine reported on this unique and creative proposal of the studio. They joined the Blue Country Spa competition where their task is to make a model for the spa that would reflect nature and culture. The spa and guesthouse proposal should both be eco-friendly and cost-effective.

    Sadly, the inflatable roofs and overall design proposal of 3Gatti Architecture Studio did not win but because of the uniqueness of their pinecone roofs, they garnered praise and attention from design and architecture sites and companies. Because of that, they are now promoting their design.

    The concept of these inflated roofs by 3Gatti Architecture Studio is just one among the works that they have. The pinecone shape, however, is an inspiration of the pinecones in the Latvian forest where the proposed spa would be located. It is also a glimpse of the steep roofs of the houses in Latvia.

    The base of these inflated roofs, according to 3Gatti Architecture Studio, is local wood yet the pinecone shape would be made of recyclable spray eco foam for insulation and strength. That solves the eco-friendliness of their proposal. As for cost efficiency, the building of these inflated roofs are faster than the regular time it takes for people to build roofing for the buildings as the design is just inflatable. The 10 individual buildings of the eco-resort are circular with glazed walls that would stand out of the green landscape of the Latvian forests.

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