Snapdragon 835 Phones Have Performance Benefits But Comes With Some Trade-Offs

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    Technology Technology Mar 23, 2017 04:35 PM EDT


    Snapdragon 835 phones will benefit from the chip's performance boosts, however, consumers should be wary of its certain trade-offs. Telecommunications equipment corporation Qualcomm has certainly made strides in the mobile tech industry.

    Qualcomm has manufactured some of the fastest growing and ever improving processing chips in the market, such as their Snapdragon range. With a new wave of Snapdragon 835 phones entering the market, customers should be mindful of the pros and cons that comes with Qualcomm's latest line of micro chips.

    According to Ars Technica, the latest Snapdragon range will perform faster in certain tasks, but might perform slower in others. Snapdragon 835 phones are reported to have a more sluggish performance when it comes to processing images.

    However, the source stated that this might not greatly affect its overall performance, since the Snapdragon 835 utilizes a dedicated image processing hardware. Fortunately, Snapdragon 835 phones will be able to handle frequently used tasks like web browsing a lot better than its previous versions.

    In addition, Qualcomm's latest design focuses on minimizing energy consumption, specially when it comes to heavy, power-hungry tasks. Although translating these test results into the actual Snapdragon 835 phones performance still remains to be seen.

    Regardless, it's unlikely that Qualcomm would let their technology lag behind competitors such as Apple. After all, Qualcomm recently denounced their Snapdragon 835 processors to be referred to as merely processors.

    According to Tech Times, the tech company explained that, their products being refereed to as a "microprocessor" is no longer a fitting term for what their company offers. Qualcomm sees their Snapdragon branding as an "anthology of technology," comprising of services in both hardware and software.

    With the imminent release of multiple Snapdragon 835 phones on the horizon, Qualcomm hopes that the branding will now be known as a mobile platform. Which is exactly what the company is aiming for, in their pursuit of mobile hardware dominance.

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