New iPad 2017 Shows How Apple's Marketing Tactic Can Ensure the Survival Of Its Product Line

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    Technology Technology Mar 24, 2017 11:24 AM EDT


    The new iPad 2017 line-up isn't exactly as stellar as their previous models, but this marketing maneuver is ensuring this product's longevity in the market. Over the years, Apple has consistently made improvements of their newer models over its predecessors.

    However, Apple might have taken a step back, when it comes to the hardware of their new iPad 2017 model. As a matter of fact, the most recent iPad model is significantly less-powerful compared to the previous entry.

    Despite the less-exciting and quite unimpressive specs of the new iPad 2017 model, it benefits from having a fittingly lower price tag. According to Macworld, its price tag is one of its biggest selling point.

    In fact, by introducing the new iPad 2017 model to the budget range, this opens it up the to a wider market. While the latest product line won't capture the interest of technophiles, it will certainly gain the attention of students and potential customers.

    According to Forbes, the new iPad 2017 is has definitely gotten a weight gain compared to previous entries, specially the iPad Air. It's quite evident that Apple isn't marketing this device as the next best piece of technological advancement.

    Regardless, Apple is taking a different approach, instead of innovating and becoming ahead of the competition, in terms of hardware. In the new iPad 2017 model, what Apple lacks in the hardware department, they hope to make it up in sale numbers.

    Consumers who aren't entirely caught up with the Apple product craze, might be tempted to take the plunge with a more cheaper device. With the new iPad 2017 model's affordability, this cheaper investment could turn initially uninterested customers, into loyal Apple fans.

    Sometimes,the lack of tech innovation doesn't necessarily translate to a failed production line. With its affordable price, this new iPad 2017 model might even be Apple's next hit, when it comes to sheer sales figures.

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