iOS 10.3 Update Brings New App That Gives More Ways Of Expressing To Others

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    Trending News Trending News Mar 22, 2017 03:22 PM EDT


    The iOS 10.3 update brings along some major improvements over the previous version, it also brings more ways of expressing oneself to the world via a new app. Apple's apps made exclusively for the iOS are ones that usually make the most out of the operating system's capabilities.

    Apple's Garageband showed how convenient and innovative it is for users to share and create music. The new iOS 10.3 update app called Clips is no exception in incorporating the perfect mix of convenience and innovation.

    According to Apple, the new Clips app will make things "quick and fun for anyone", when it comes to expressing using an iPhone or iPad. Naturally, the new Clips app will need the latest iOS 10.3 update or a later version, in order to be used.

    Although there are already other similar apps that blends videos, photos and music, Clips just gives users even more options. With the Clips app, iOS 10.3 update users can create Live Titles, a feature that utilizes animated captions, voice-over effects, comicbook filters and more.

    Just like the way Garageband makes creating and sharing music easier, Clips makes messaging and sharing more fun and expressive. Similar to the latest Instagram or Snapchat updates, Clips can also mesh multiple videos on iOS devices without the complicated process.

    Clips makes do without the complicated editing interfaces found in other apps, instead, it opts for a simplistic single touch-and-hold button. Given the many options that Clips offers, the latest iOS 10.3 update certainly helps ensuring that the app runs smoothly on any iPhone or iPad device.

    Meanwhile, Apple has been quite busy with their operating system updates, like the addition of their new file system interface. According to 9TO5Mac, the new Apple File System (APFS) will be their new default system, replacing their aging 30-year old HFS system.

    With loads of new improvements and rumors surrounding the upcoming iOS 11, it's easy to see why it's heavily anticipated. However, fans shouldn't overlook the iOS 10.3 update, since there's still new apps and improvements being made by Apple, that's worth looking forward to.

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