Here is Emojipedia’s Newest Emojis That You Should Hear Now!

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    Technology Technology Mar 24, 2017 03:50 PM EDT


    Last Thursday, Emojipedia once again updated its set of emojis. The latest Emoji 5.0 now includes lots of new 69 faces and creatures. Find out all the exciting details all about it here.

    Emoji or emoticons are either smiley faces or symbols. The present 845 of it are being used in social media platforms. iOS and Android also support its use. In essence, it's incorporated to messages as part of expressing feelings through visuals.

    According to 9 to 5 Mac, the Unicode Consortium has tentatively previewed before 51 of the soon-to-be-released emojis of Emojipedia. It was even given the code of Unicode 10. Today, the corporation seemingly added more to it.

    Part of the coming Emojipedia Emoji 5.0 will be country flags and character gender variations. In specific, a pretzel, sandwich, tomato soup can, fortune cookie, inquisitive face, brain, steak, hat with a smiley face and cup with a smiley face will be there.

    Notably, the upcoming Emojipedia's latest Emoji are still in drafts. It's already green-lit by the Unicode Consortium though its release might still be in the middle of the year. For iOS or Apple users, they might need to wait a little longer.

    On the other hand, Mail Online also shared lots of notable details about Emojipedia's new Emojis. It actually gave lots more of the soon to roll out symbols. Then, there's also the report information about its release.

    The list of Emojis for Emojipedia's Unicode 10 will accordingly include merpeople, male fairies, breastfeeding woman, genie, elf, zombie and more. Apparently, the 69 drafts are still considered as candidates for final versions.

    Being mockups, all the Emojipedia's new emojis might still not get accepted or visually changed. In essence, the "platform vendors" proposal designs will be finalized for Unicode 10 this coming summer.

    In all, Emojipedia will surely bring a blast of new emojis. The wait may be a little longer but its worth it! Messaging and postings will definitely be more fun now.

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