Monopoly Updates Game Tokens; Fans Gamer Voted What’s In & Out This Time!

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    Design Design Mar 22, 2017 01:41 PM EDT


    Ahead of the World Monopoly Day this week, Hasbro announced the winners of the recent voting for the game's new token collections. The three bygones will have been voted out by the game's million fans.

    According to the Daily Herald, the uncrowned decade-old counters are the silver-colored token, thimble, and wheelbarrow. The refaced of Hasbro's Monopoly Game Board will now include T.rex, ducky and penguin pieces in place of the three.

    "People's token choices usually represent their favorite things, and we've found that animal tokens tend to pull at our fans' heartstrings," Senior Vice President of Hasbro Gaming Marketing Jonathan Berkowitz said. He also saw this idea as the prime reason for the unsurprised win of the trio.

    When the counter replacement voting started last January, more than 50 choices were included in the selected. Hasbro shared in the report that a hashtag, Mr. Monopoly emoji, stopwatch, typewriter, and cell phone are some of it.

    According to Fortune, it shared the prior details of Monopoly's fan voting. It also stated some of the notable info the game's fan should hear about.

    "The Thimble token will not "Pass GO" in the next generation of the Monopoly game," Hasbro stated in its early winner confirmation. "The lucky Thimble has lost its 'shine' with today's fans and will be retired from the game," it continued.

    With 4 million votes, the thimble received the lowest score from the eight present pieces. It was supposedly the first to leave the board after the earliest voting results.  Hasbro noted that its ditch stems from its insignificance now.

    In essence, the fans who chose the winning counters are the new era of players too. They voted for something they have knowledge. It seems that T. rex, ducky and penguin are the trending icons now.

    Monopoly Game Board's new edition will come this fall. Hence, the fans will still wait for some time to grab the latest addition of tokens too.

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