‘Destiny 2’ Release Date and Latest Updates: Everything You Need To Know

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    Technology Technology Mar 27, 2017 03:06 PM EDT


    "Destiny 2" will surely land this year! That's according to the latest leaked posters posted on two gaming sites. Accidentally or intentionally, this is the closest thing to reality Activision's plans about the game's sequel.

    According to VG247, the first leakage of the "Destiny 2" poster happened in GameStop Italy's website. After, League Network another Italian website also disclosed to the public two other posters of the game.

    The two exposed "Destiny 2" posters didn't simply contain details. It actually holds the most important information everyone is waiting for. The release date of the upcoming sequel which will apparently be on Sept. 8, 2017. It's indicated on the top portion of the leaked photos.

    Additionally, a beta of "Destiny 2" is likewise part of the poster leak. Though, it wasn't able to completely tell everything about the deal because it's cut off. Many suspects that it rather refers to its pre-order bonus.

    Activision and Bungie haven't said anything yet about the Italian leak of "Destiny 2." Now, its legitimacy is still in question. On the other hand, the report also notes that PlayStation's blue accent is on it. It's just like the last time for the first marketing deal of its expansion.

    In contrary, Game Spot shared that both Eurogamer and Kotaku already confirmed the latest "Destiny 2" posters are real. It also said that Activision is already gearing for its official announcement soon.

    For some more details about "Destiny 2," Activision actually divulged some of it long before. The sequel will definitely be more exciting because of its "great cinematic story," "relatable characters," and better game accessibility. Now, even casual players will enjoy its best.

    The only downside to it is the fact that any prior "Destiny" items and experience won't be carried to the new "Destiny 2." Players would need to start a new for this game. Though, Activision makes sure that will still love it despite the drawback.

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