Peru Severe Flooding Sparks Architectural & Infrastructure Criticisms

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    Articles Articles Mar 24, 2017 02:11 PM EDT


    Peru has recently been struck with severe flooding that left sixty-seven death tolls and hundreds of affected buildings and infrastructures. In effect, the country has received lots of criticisms with its architectural building approach.

    According to Archinect, Peru's heavy rain and devastating flood had massively hit its hospitals, villages, bridges, and coastal homes as well. In essence, its negative impact on the country's health issues is the scariest.

    Many places in Peru is still under water. After receiving the largest volume of heavy rain in two decades, the drainage system of the country failed. Hence, most structures were washed out by it. Many residents were out of 115,000 homes now. Some which have upper floors tried to stay in there, others on their roofs. Though, the absences of food and clean water became a huge problem.

    Another impact that's currently challenging Peru after the flooding is the exhumed bones from the flooded cemetery and the escapees from the affected juvenile detention. Although, it's not yet the end of all the problems for the South American country. In another report by The Guardian, it stated that the flooding problem in Peru was caused by Climate Change. Though, the Peruvian Government can't address it now because the backlash of the stagnant water on the are has caused bigger concerns.

    The flooded water has been stuck on the road and buildings. Hence, lots of mosquito carrying disease had begun to lay eggs on it. Now, Peru's hospitals are swarmed with lots of patients due to it.

    "It is a duty of our government and society to work in order to reduce the risk of vulnerability," said Peruvian Ministry of Environment Spokesperson Dimitri Gutiérrez noted. "Part of this work should be investing more for urban and territorial use planning," he added. To address the architecture and infrastructure concern and health issues after the Peru's most severe flooding, the government is looking into better options today.

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