JAGTVEJ 69 Is WE Architecture's Answer to Homelessness

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 27, 2017 04:11 PM EDT


    The housing shortage is a massive problem right now even in Denmark. Hence, WE Architecture will try to answer it with Jagtvej 69 project. It's a temporary shelter architecture that will help homeless people acquire professional and social ability to have a new beginning.

    According to WE Architecture official website, a landmark for homelessness battle will soon rise in Copenhagen. In essence, Jagtvej 69 will be a neighborhood complete with garden, accommodations and social meeting places.

    WE Architecture and UBA Studio will make a gateway for homeless people to restart their lives. Through Jagtvej 69, they will be able to slowly improve with all their physical, mental and social aspects. While living in the place, they will be taught of specific skills that they can use after leaving it.

    In essence, those who will stay in Jagtvej 69 aren't going to be staying for good. The homeless people who have acquired enough confidence will leave the best with a hopefully better chance of success in their new life.

    The report also described the WE Architecture's intent to make Jagtvej 69 a social awareness program. Now, it's now only a structure but a powerful voice for housing shortage initiatives.

    In addition, Archinect described how WE Architecture and UBA Studio make Jagtvej 69. Supposedly, it will be a pop modular place that's great for any location and situation.

    Jagtvej 69 will be made by WE Architecture as containers in scaffolds. With its 972 square meter size, it will include workshop spaces, yoga studios, shelter rooms, offices and more. But the most exciting part of it will be the urban garden, it's where locals and others may interact with each other.

    To end, WE Architecture is still in the process of Jagtvej 69's planning. In its process, the firm also reminded everyone that it's only a small effort on the worldwide problem of the housing crisis. It likewise hopes that this will be the start of many pop modular shelters which will cater to any particular need of a community.

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