Top 5 Best Bathroom Color Inspirations

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 27, 2017 04:41 PM EDT


    Renovating the whole house is really hard to do especially when it's all about color schemes already. The bathroom is actually one of the most challenging parts of a home for it. Hence, here are the five best shades to choose from.

    In a report by Houzz, it incredibly shared lots of choices for bathroom paints. All of it are vivid shades that will surely wow everyone.

    Getting a purple bathroom is a must today! The color is really good for walls. It excludes royalty and luxury. Any small space would also look bigger with it. Then, white could be the best neutralization for it. Get a crisp white sink, bathtub, and cabinet.

    The next bathroom paint color that's really trending now is orange and blue. This combination is pulled from the color wheel which they are opposites. Supposedly, the scheme brings energetic and fun ambiance.

    Turquoise is will also look good for any bathroom. Make the room pop with either a door or wall with it. Then, match the color with white accent using the sink, bathtub, and other decors. The overall feel of the space will surely be more sophisticated and refreshing after.

    For the two more bathroom paint colors, Forbes suggested some of the most timeless ones. It will definitely follow any hype! Another renovation will not surely be an option overtime for it.

    Black and white perhaps is one of the most staple classic color combinations. This time doesn't stick with the traditional. Add more spice by creating patterns with it such as geometric and asymmetrical. Then, use chrome and silver accents to style the space.

    The last one is the use of aqua, chocolate, and white for the bathroom. This one is the perfect cross of traditional and modern. The walls will be green in the trendier color and then the cabinets in the darker shade. Whereas the floors and other fittings will be in the lightest color.

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