Backyard Room: Top 3 Questions You Need To Answer Before Planning

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 27, 2017 04:58 PM EDT


    Backyard rooms are the new trend in creating extra spaces at home today. Many homeowners use it for offices, workshops, or sheds. In essence, here are the most excellent questions to answer about it. These are good planning inquiries that will really determine the need and use of it.

    In a prior report by Houzz, it actually shared 12 questions for backyard rooms. These are simple guides to make sure about it. Though, only the three most important will be tackled here.

    "What do people want from a backyard room?" is actually the first in the list of the report. This small thought is really needed to realize whether the backyard room is necessary or not. Also, it's better to decide early what will be its use for better planning.

    "Why invest so much style in such a small space?" is next. It's better to understand early that it's also an investment. Through the question, the owner will likewise see where he will put his money for the backyard room. It could either be on the architecture's features or design.

    The final query would be about the backyard room location. "Ideally it should be sited according to passive design principles, such as somewhere that is protected from the hot summer sun while taking advantage of its warmth during winter, has good cross-ventilation and so on," Backyard Room Director Bill McCorkell detailed.

    The top three guide questions for backyard rooms are all done. Thus, here are some really nice inspirations to choose from for it. Contemporist shared the best of its list.

    Prefab backyard rooms are the trend now. On example of it would be a home office made with wood. Though, the most significant part of it are the glass windows and sliding door. It's used for better light ventilation in the space.

    Lastly, a cork-clad backyard room is also great for any use. The material is used to wrap the whole place and provide protection from elements. For its interior, the birch plywood is utilized for it.

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