Top 5 Best Decor App For House Renovation

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 27, 2017 05:53 PM EDT


    Designing is never as easy as today. With the advent of technology, home renovation can now be done in the tip of a finger. In essence, here are the five best decor apps to get outstanding inspirations.

    In a report by Social Barrel, it shared the tops apps for house renovation. From gathering ideas to color scheme tips, everything is here.

    The first app is Houzz, it's literally a house renovation and construction inspiration mine. It was started by Adi and Alon, they made as a platform where people can browse and share house ideas. Now, it has 40 million homeowners and professionals members.

    Home Design 3D is another decor app that's really useful for house renovations. It's an interior design and decoration software that's available in iPad, iPhone, Android, and PC. The main features of this are its ability to give a 3D experience of what's the final result of the house renovation will be.

    For the color scheme tips, the Dulux Visualizer App is the most effective. It's a highly innovative decor app that aims to bring the perfect color to anyone's home. Just by choosing a shade from anywhere then setting in virtually on the place, it will immediately show the possible outcome.

    On the other hand, Curbed's previous article also tackled the most practical house renovation apps really nice for interior designing. Below are the two of them.

    Roomy is the first of the report's list. It's a virtual staging decor app which is definitely useful for house renovation. It has two features the "Shop in 3D" and "Be Your Own Interior Designer." Both of it enables better choices in home furnishings which can virtually be set in the uploaded room scene.

    Lastly, Pinterest perhaps is one of the most known platforms today. It's not actually limited to a decor app. This is a home for lots of interesting ideas for everything under the sun. Though, it also has the largest catalog of inspirations for house renovation.

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