Eco Friendly Design Becomes Option For Trump Administration, Overwhelms One Famous Architect

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 28, 2017 10:20 AM EDT


    Eco-friendly design is becoming so popular that the Trump Administration is considering it, but too much green is overwhelming one renowned architect. The world's climate change problems is pushing countries to invest into green architecture.

    One of these countries is none other than the United States, which is being led by a president who has a controversial stance on climate change. However, recent reports are suggesting that the Trump administration is opening up on Eco-friendly design.

    According to Inhabitat, the Trump administration is not entirely counting out green architecture in their future plans. As a matter of fact, the administration is "very willing" to open their doors to Eco-friendly design.

    The report suggests that the interest in solar geoengineering and building Eco-friendly structures is growing, under the Trump administration. Despite the US President's suspect views on climate change, this green architecture approach is developing in some parts of the administration.

    While Eco-friendly design might have a bright future in the United States, one established architect isn't entirely sold on the idea. According to Financial Review, renowned architect Shigeru Ban thinks that green architecture is becoming "too much" for his tastes.

    Although Ban isn't exactly against the idea of Eco-friendly design, the idea of "spending so much time and money to make buildings more green" is overwhelming him. Ban himself has contributed a lot in creating architectural designs that makes use of practical and recyclable materials.

    In fact, Ban was the person behind the cardboard cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand. The well-known architect explained that he was basically incorporating Eco-friendly design "before people started talking about environmental issues."

    With that said, Ban is pretty much a pioneer as far as green architecture is concerned. Regardless, the Eco-friendly design and the regulations behind the idea are becoming "too much" for Ban, as he sets his sights and priorities towards affordable housing instead.

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