Industrial Machinery To Become The Future Of Architecture Design & Manufacturing Industry

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 28, 2017 11:38 AM EDT


    Industrial machinery is rapidly evolving and might soon be able to take over, not just the manufacturing industry, but the field of design and architecture as well. The dawn of machines replacing human workers, is just around the corner.

    Soon, we might see industrial machinery taking on roles that are more fit for humans than robots. Architecture and masonry are fields that architects, engineers and construction workers are most efficient in.

    Decades ago, the technology found in previous forms of industrial machinery isn't sufficient in replicating the intricate works of human builders and designers. However, recent technological advancements in industrial robots are changing that concept.

    According to Wired, Archi-Union has employed the help of an adapted car-manufacturing robot in creating their artistic architectural design. Chief architectural designer Li Han spent five years in creating this industrial machinery, that would aid him in creating the stunning curvy effect of the Chi She gallery exterior located in Shanghai.

    Li explained that this artistic bulging effect wouldn't have been crafted if it weren't for the digital fabrication tools that he incorporated. With the help of this industrial machinery tailored for architectural design, Li was able to create "complex builds" that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

    However, this is only the beginning of what's to come in the robot-filled future of architecture. According to Control Design, Siemens VP Alastair Orchard believes that the the future of industrial revolution lies in automated mass production.

    Orchard explained that, with the use of industrial machinery, companies now see a significant increase in production speed and a big drop in labor costs. Orchard attributed these major improvements to the fact that companies are now turning to the tech sector in revolutionizing the industry.

    The digital age further helps in hastening the design process, as evident in the way Li utilized industrial machinery in his architectural design. This solidifies the place of machines in the future of architecture, not just in cutting labor costs, but in coming up with precise and accurately detailed designs as well.

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