Tech Stock List Leads Market As UK Adds New Categories To The Listing

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    Technology Technology Mar 27, 2017 06:02 PM EDT


    The tech stock list is blossoming and leading the stock market statistics, even UK is expanding that with the addition of new tech listings into the fray. It's no surprise that the tech industry is rapidly rising and frequently evolving, specially in this time that most technological advancements are coming up.

    With the ever-evolving platform of the internet, it is only natural for businesses to take advantage of this medium. According to The Telegraph, the London Stock market is adding two new entries to the tech stock list.

    One of these new additions is property investment services, from Dukemount Capital. The new tech stock list addition aims to manage, develop and even acquire residential and commercial hotel properties around UK.

    Dukemount Capital hopes to see the results of significant profit increase after 12 to 18 months. Another new contender in the tech stock list is the video technology company that centers on the booming online video streaming market.

    Falcon Media House aims to cater for the "insatiable demand" for consumers wanting "a more personalized and flexible multimedia experience." The video tech company enters the tech stock list in hopes of funding their other platforms to come up with the "Netflix" equivalent of sports programming.

    With the way tech companies are rising within the stock market, these new entries will undoubtedly be profitable. According to CNBC, the tech stock list is leading the market, as artificial intelligence and cloud computing becomes more prominent and relevant today.

    However, the source also mentioned that there are risks involved, such as net neutrality. Net neutrality can be deal a major blow to streaming companies in the tech stock list.

    Although there are other tech companies such as Skywork Solutions, who are seeing a significant 33 percent increase in the stock market this year. It's safe to say that the tech stock list will only expand in the years ahead, even more so with the the evolution of artificial technology and coming of autonomous vehicles.

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