'Call Of Duty' WWII Setting Hinted; Follows 'Battlefield's' lead, Creative Director Responds

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    Technology Technology Mar 29, 2017 02:49 PM EDT


    "Call Of Duty WWII" is officially confirmed to head back in time, an approach that's quite similar to what their direct competition took in the past. Activision's most popular game franchise has continually dominated the multi-player market in the past years.

    However, the last "Call Of Duty" game featured an outer-space theme that, according to Activision, didn't quite "resonate" with the fans. On the other end of the First Person Shooting game spectrum, their competition franchise "Battlefield" went back to a WWI setting.

    According to Den Of Geek, the "Call Of Duty WWII" setting might take place in Vietnam. The source revealed that the game's developer Sledgehammer has pitched a Vietnam-based setting in the past.

    However, this pitch was rejected, most likely due to the fact that this idea wasn't trending at that time. With the games like "Battlefield 1" taking the historic angle, now would be the best time for Sledgehammer to revitalize their Vietnam pitch.

    While the space setting in "Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare" was more of a miss, the historical setting of "Battlefield 1" was indeed considered a hit, for the fans. When "Battlefield 1" creative director Lars Gustavsson found out about "Call Of Duty WWII" he gave his two cents on Activision's copycat idea.

    They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and this is the same idea behind Gustavsson's reply to the latest "Call Of Duty" game. In an interview with Games Radar, Gustavsson expressed that he sees the similarity between "Battlefield 1" and the upcoming "Call Of Duty WWII" as somewhat of a "healthy competition."

    Activision is known for taking the high road before, when it comes to responding to their direct competition such as EA's "Battlefield" franchise. In the recent turn of events that led to the announcement of "Call Of Duty WWII", it's good to see that EA is now returning that favor to Activision by taking the high road as well. The latest entry of the "Call Of Duty" series is scheduled to release this year.

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