Flagship Phones 2017: HTC's Response To Samsung's Galaxy S8, An Innovative Design Not Seen Elsewhere

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    Technology Technology Mar 30, 2017 04:41 PM EDT


    New flagship phones 2017 line-ups continue to surpass expectations with futuristic and innovative designs from competitive brands like HTC and Samsung. Just when everyone thought that the smartphone industry has reached the peak of technological advancement, new designs keep expanding the tech status quo.

    The recent flagship phones 2017 models are clear proof of the ever-evolving technology that smartphones display. This is evidently seen in HTC's latest flagship model dubbed the HTC U.

    According to GSMArena, the HTC U was leaked through a concept video back in 2016. Back then, the HTC U was still referred to under the codename "Ocean", as it showcases a innovative feature called Sense Touch.

    Following its official announcement, it is now called Edge Sense, a creatively cool feature that utilizes the edge of the smartphone as a means of communicating with the phone. The HTC U will incorporate a design that lets users touch, swipe and even squeeze the phone's touch and pressure-sensitive side frame.

    This innovative design lets users hold the smartphone naturally, while using the phone efficiently by performing gestures without the need of physical buttons. HTC's new flagship phones 2017 line-up includes the U Ultra, U Play and of course, the upcoming new piece of innovation, which is the HTC U.

    This smartphone design approach also means that traditional buttons like the volume rocker and camera shutter, will be absent in the handset. Despite the lack of side buttons, this will certainly make phone operation a lot smoother and more effortless than ever before.

    Meanwhile, Samsung just recently announced their flagship phones 2017 model line-up as well. The Samsung S8 and S8 plus comes with the highly-anticipated edge-less infinity display. Both the Samsung and HTC flagship phones varies quite starkly from one another, but both are innovative in their own right nonetheless.

    According to CNN, the Samsung S8 device would have to be "perfectly executed" if they wish to take the lead in the innovative tech race. Given the disastrous outcome of the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, Samsung would definitely need to make up for it by earning the trust of the consumers, once again. These flagship phone 2017 models will be available starting April 21 for the Samsung S8, and early May for the HTC U smartphone.

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