Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Highlights: The Good, Bad & Ugly Of This Flagship Smartphone's Design

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    Technology Technology Mar 31, 2017 03:58 PM EDT


    The Samsung Galaxy S8 specs are impressive on paper alone, but how does its design fare in terms of practical usage? It's not even the middle of the year yet, and there's already a wealth of flagship smartphones releasing on the market.

    One of the biggest stand-outs this year is Samsung's latest flagship handset. With its curved-screen design, the Samsung Galaxy S8 certainly turned heads ever since the phone's initial announcement.

    According to CBR, one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs is its new 10nm processor. The new processor is powerful enough for the phone to be used efficiently as a desktop alternative via the innovative Samsung Dex feature.

    The Samsung Dex lets owners use the S8 together with a keyboard and a monitor, a feature similar to Microsoft's Windows Continuum. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs also hopes to make up for the company's PR fiasco stemming from the infamous Galaxy Note 7 incident.

    This time around, Samsung made sure that the battery would no longer be an issue, as they incorporated new battery safeguarding measures. Another interesting tidbit that wasn't quite noticeable when the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs were revealed, was the fact that the physical button never went away.

    Despite being absent on the front of the screen, the home button was actually relocated to the bottom of the phone instead. However, there's still some design choices in the Samsung Galaxy S8 that are still quite questionable.

    According to Cnet, the S8's fingerprint reader sits too close to the camera, which leads to a lot of smudges on the rear camera lens, specially when trying to unlock the phone. Furthermore, another Samsung Galaxy S8 specs quirk is the addition of the voice recognition software Bixby, which others are describing as "very incomplete."

    Despite its shortcomings, the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone entry is good enough to be at par with current leading handsets, such as the ones from Apple and Huawei. This is something that the South Korean tech giant desperately needs. Even more so, if they hope to erase recent controversies attributed to them, such as criminal accusations of their company head and the disastrous exploding Note 7 battery issue.

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