Border Wall Executive Order: Interesting Facts About Trump's Planned Structure & How It's Affecting People

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 31, 2017 05:33 PM EDT


    The border wall executive order is already affecting people prior to its construction, but some recently explained details hopes to shed light on this controversial plan. When United States President Donald Trump announced the construction of an actual wall as a solution to illegal immigrants, it certainly raised some concern in the public eye.

    Since then, Trump's border wall executive order has been the target of media outlets, public rallies and enraged communities. Despite the wall proposal's negative reception, there's already a bunch of vendors lined up, and are expressing their interest in constructing it.

    Regardless, some feel like there is still not much detail and clarity regarding the border wall executive order proposal. According to USAToday, the U.S Customs and Border Protection has revealed some interesting details about the planned controversial wall.

    First of all, the CBP has addressed a concern regarding the revelation of the identity of vendors or contributors who are involved in the wall's construction. This was a key issue, since some firms or individuals are afraid of the media or public backlash that they would receive, should they be involved in the border wall executive order process.

    The CBP assured that, while they would still need to identify the key personnel or group involved in the wall's construction, they would not release this "sensitive" information to the public. Another clarification that the CBP made was that, they would not consider entries that focus on "technology alone."

    With that said, border wall executive order proposals that only feature surveillance cameras, security technology and the like will not fit the qualifications of the CBP. Since further explanations were just recently detailed, The CBP will extend the deadline of submissions to April 4, 2017, and on 4 p.m. to be exact.

    Regardless of the CBP's detailed explanations, some are still doubtful of the benefits of the border wall executive order. According to HuffingtonPost, Trump's Homeland Security secretary explained that the border wall won't necessarily solve America's immigration problems.

    In addition, the recent budget cuts that were implemented in order to budget the said wall, are doing more harm than good. With all the controversies and negative connotations surrounding the border wall executive order, some are now questioning if America even needs such a wall, specially one that's ridiculously expensive. 

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