Snapchat Mobile App Can Used As Motivation To Spark Productivity & Creativity Within Youth

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 31, 2017 05:38 PM EDT


    The Snapchat mobile app is arguably one of the most popular applications of this generation, who would've thought it could be used as a tool to encourage productivity in the youth as well. The most typical way Snapchat is utilized in social media isn't exactly something that one would refer to as "being productive."

    As a matter of fact, the most commonly used method of using the Snapchat mobile app most often leads to quite the opposite of productivity. Despite its reputation of inducing moments of procrastination, Snapchat actually has another, more effective usage.

    According to DesMoines Register, Johnston High School teacher Kayla Bousum has come up with an efficient way of using the Snapchat mobile app as a way to, not just motivate her students, but to inspire them in the process. Bousum assigned the students in her Graphic, Sound and Animation Design class to come up with their very own Snapchat filter.

    Students are instructed to come up with geographic Snapchat filters that would feature locations around Johnston, with the help of Photoshop design software. Given the popularity of the Snapchat mobile app among the youth, this assignment motivated Bousum's students, as it sparked their inner designer.

    The students got to exercise their creativity, as they became more productive in creating their very own Snapchat filters. Some of Bousum's students even had their Snapchat filter designs accepted by the official app, which resulted in them receiving "extra credit."

    Although it's not just the youth that can benefit from the ever-popular Snapchat mobile app. According to The Drum, with over a hundred million active users, Snapchat can be effectively used by startup companies to reach an even wider audience.

    The possibilities of using the Snapchat mobile app as a means of mobile marketing and advertising are endless. On top of that, business owners can even exercise their creativity by incorporating their branding and design into Snapchat. With this much success, it's no wonder that Facebook is copying most of Snapchat's features into Instagram and their very own app as well.

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