Grueling Life of Architecture Students: The Impacts of Less Sleep

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    Articles Articles Apr 03, 2017 10:17 AM EDT


    Life in any architecture school is never a piece of cake. It's heavily worse nowadays because of the new rigorous programs many universities are trying out. Hence, sleep is getting scarce in the profession now. Check out here its possible impacts on their health and learning.

    In a report by Archinect, it should through pictures how creative architecture students are now when it comes to sleep. Because of their schedules and deadlines, there's simply no room to catch on it. Thus, they mostly just fall on a table or just anywhere.

    In one picture the architecture student was already done on her work. Her face was all over the ruffles she might be using for her new project. Then, there's one who is asleep on the floor rolled with a large cloth. The picture even sarcastically captions as "he's alive."

    According to the Washington Times, the fast-paced of 21st Century has been the increasing reason why most people are losing their sleep. This is also the same for the architecture students. The question now is whether they are aware of its possible impacts.

    One of the most affected area, when people don't sleep much like the noted architecture students, is their immune system. In essence, all-nighters are terribly bad for the health because it slows the person's ability to fight off germs. When the body shuts off, it "recharges and rejuvenates." It's necessary to rebuild one's defenses for diseases.

    The next thing is the most important for everyone, especially for the architecture students. It's the influence of sleep on productivity. It said that ill-decisions mostly stem from the lack of the body's need. The brain simply can't work well to process the best answer for things. Simply, logical-thinking and complex thoughts are a loss.

    In all, sleep is really significant for anyone's success. It's not worth to beat the deadline but become "dead" on the way. Hopefully, most architecture schools would give a thought about this for their students.

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