Cheap DIY Craft Ideas For Repurposing Old Home Furniture

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 30, 2017 03:50 PM EDT


    Decluttering the home is one of the most useful ways to get rid of extra stuff. However, there is just some house furniture that everyone can't seem to throw away even its already old and dilapidated. Check out the answer! Here is some really interesting DIY craft to turn back time.

    Apartment Therapy shared some of the best ideas to repurpose old house furniture to something better. Be ready now for some easy and cheap DIY Crafts.

    Using an old chair for a new house accent is the fist DIY craft. For the steps, unscrew the chair's stand first so that it may be repainted. Proceed with recreating the design of the seat with any desired pattern. When everything is already dried, put back the peg. And that's all, its ready now to be put back on.

    The next DIY craft for another home furniture is a redecorated headboard. After some years, this part of the bed usually looks washed out and out-place already. To revamp it, using either paint or fabric will be good.

    To take note, a wooden headboard is the best piece to work on this home DIY craft. Getting with the work, wipe and clean first any stain on it. Then, make sure to remove the foam and blankets from the bed's frame. If its paint, just sprays the pattern on it and dry it. For fabric, it will be nailed or sewed according to the intended design.

    For another old home furniture DIY crafts, House Beautiful also has some really nice ideas for it. From a worn sewing machine to an antique vanity, it has really nice inspirations worth to see.

    One example of the DIY craft is an old piano that turned into a stunning and functional wine bar. The worn instrument was just repainted and removed with unnecessary pieces. Lastly, it was put on the dining to add as another drink storage.

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