Construction Innovation 2017 Ideas: Creativity Hopes To Change An Industry That's Lagging Behind

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 03, 2017 02:26 PM EDT


    Construction innovation is a key element of the 2017 PrefabNZ CoLab conference discussion as attendees hope to save a lagging industry. This year's CoLab conference tackles an issue that's been plaguing the construction industry.

    What better way to come up with a solution to this dilemma than discussing construction innovation ideas during PrefabNZ's 2017 CoLab event. According to Architecture Now, the conference featured some brainstorming from industry veterans who are trying to come up with "game-changing" approaches to the industry.

    One of the leading technology discussed in the conference is the utilization of Virtual Reality in architectural design and construction. Callaghan Innovation CTO Chris Hartshorn discussed the possibilities of using augmented reality and 3D scanning in improving the efficiency of architectural design and construction innovation.

    Another benefit that comes from Virtual Reality isn't just in construction, but in marketing as well. CADPRO Systems' Peter Crawley explained that Virtual Reality can aid businesses when it comes to handling potential customers.

    Crawley discussed that VR tech can "form an emotional engagement" between companies and potential customers. Another construction innovation that was discussed is the idea of modular construction.

    PrefabAUS director John Lucchetti mentioned that one of "most exciting" facets of modular architecture is parametric design. Lucchetti further discussed the possibilities of prefabricated buildings that "work as buildings but can also be easily manufactured."

    The industry is in desperate need of some construction innovation if it is to thrive in the following years. According to Stuff, failure to do so would mean that the construction industry would be facing some "pain" within the next couple of years.

    Since this is the case, another conference in Auckland called "Constructing Our World" is hoping to generate some ideas to help push the industry forward. One of the key discussions in the conference is the implementation of 3D printing in constructing homes. 

    Another key innovation idea is the usage of wearable technology and robots in aiding and hastening the architectural and construction process.These construction innovation ideas don't just help create quality and sustainable homes, these also aim to bring faster and cheaper housing to the market. 

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