RTE Player 'Room To Improve' Reality TV Show Was Major Factor In Improving Dublin Homes & Irish Economy

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 29, 2017 11:01 AM EDT


    The RTE Player "Room To Improve" reality show was a big factor in improving both, homes in Dublin and the Irish economy as well. It's quite evident that the popular reality show from video service provider RTE Player, is making a big impact on Ireland.

    In an interview with The Irish Sun, architect and reality TV star Dermot Bannon expressed his sentiment on the show, and how beneficial it has been on the country. "It's great that the show has got the whole country taking an interest in their homes", Bannon expressed.

    With a recorded increase in home improvements within the country, the RTE Player "Room To Improve" reality show is clearly making waves among the local populace. "It's making a difference and people now want more from their home.", Bannon added.

    The government has actually issued a Home Renovation Incentive, which nets homeowners 13 percent income tax credit for any work they have done in their homes and properties. With the HRI, along with the DIY renovation ideas found in the RTE Player "Room To Improve" show, it's no wonder there's been a significant increase of home improvement rate in the country.

    The report also mentioned that, this increase isn't just helping homeowners, it's helping the Irish economy as well, as it was able to support a whopping 4 billion Euro expenditure into the economy back in 2016. Furthermore, Bannon is using the RTE Player "Room To Improve" reality show as a medium in giving homeowners the best advice, when it comes to home improvement.

    According to Irish Times, Bannon revealed the importance of making homes that can "nurture" its occupants. This includes incorporating the Danish philosophy of Hygge, which is done by making homes feel more cozy. This just goes to show that the RTE Player "Room To Improve" reality TV show is becoming quite an asset for the country, both in construction businesses and homeowner's properties alike. 

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