iPhone 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S8: Which Phone is Worth Your Money?

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    Technology Technology Apr 13, 2017 05:58 PM EDT


    The smartphone is surely one of the everyone's essentials nowadays. Users are in fact always clamoring to get the best of the best in the market today. Hence, here's a quick review of which device is better between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

    According to Express, the reigning iPhone 7 might already found its match with Samsung's latest Galaxy S8. Before Apple's rival, it has been the number gadget for speed, performance, camera and all. Now, it seems that the new phone is challenging simply everything about it.

    The report actually discussed the difference of the two with reference to Samsung Galaxy S8's video. In essence, it showed the smartphone's AnTuTu BNenchmark test of 205,248. iPhone 7's 173,575 is definitely behind it already.

    Further, the noted speed range isn't the only thing remarkably different from iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Its design and features as well are something else. With the first, its lots slimmer though the second boats a stunning "Edge" style. The two's bezel-less screen is also comparable. 

    Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof certification is also an ideal rival for iPhone 7. The first is measured at slightly deeper 1.5 meters while the other is at 1 meter only. Both may be dunked in the water for 30 minutes max.

    On the other hand, Forbes also noted some interesting differences with iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. This time it's all about the much-awaited camera and performance.

    iPhone 7 may have lost again with Samsung Galaxy S8 camera. In relation, the latter has used it same Galaxy S7 Edge hardware which already secured the camera crown for Samsung last two years ago.

    For performance, this time iPhone 7 comes back with its smooth iOS response. Despite Samsung Galaxy S8 new "party tricks" of PC capabilities, TouchWiz and duo applications, it didn't reach the standards Apple set for power use.

    The verdict is now on for the two devices. With iPhone 7 starting price of $649 for 32GB, it's an easy win for people looking for better software and cheaper price. Lastly, Samsung Galaxy S8 $750 may be slightly costly but its additional memory and much superior hardware is also a notable edge.

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