Mexico City Reveals Theme For World Design Capital 2018

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    Design Design Apr 07, 2017 05:07 PM EDT


    Mexico City, the winning city to be designated as the World Design Capital for 2018, has set the theme of "Socially Responsible Design". The country's leading platform for design and architecture, Design Week Mexico, made the announcement at the 56th edition of the Salone del Mobile Milan.

    The theme aims to reflect "an ambition to promote the role of design and creativity as agents of social and cultural change within the urban context." Under this theme, Mexico City will host an array of world-class conferences, exhibitions, urban interventions and educational projects.

    The purpose is to essentially generate opportunities, empower the civil society, preserve heritage, and transform community respectfully, according to ArchDaily. The theme was picked in consideration of the massive population growth in Mexico City, which has been consistently challenged with 100rapid urbanization, that particularly includes housing, mobility, and sustainability.

    In fact, the population has grown from 5.5 million in 1960 to 22 million today. Despite the issues, Mexico City will be the first in the Americas to hold the title of winning city, an award that is given biannually by the World Design Organization, an international non-governmental organization that upholds the profession of industrial design.

    "Mexico City has a vibrant design scene, which has gained increased international attention over the last few years," General Director of World Design Capital 2018, Emilio Cabrero said. Meanwhile, an open call will be launched ahead of the World Design Capital, offering up to 50 design professionals, international opportunity to work in Mexico City, which will be offered for three weeks starting June 2018.

    It determines to open up an international dialogue for participants to work on the practical implementation of projects addressing public space, housing, mobility, and mainly, sustainability in Mexico City. "We are determined to create a moment for design professionals, creatives and the general public alike to come together and rethink the role of design in our society in an impactful way," Cabrero said.

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