‘Making Cities Together’ Conference: Urban Thinkers Campus Sets Community Architecture In the Limelight

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    Events Events Apr 05, 2017 05:37 PM EDT


    UN-Habitat's World Urban Campaign with Urban Thinkers Campus invites everyone to join the "MAKING CITIES TOGETHER: The City We Need, through Safe, Inclusive and Accessible Public Spaces." The conference will center on the community architecture development. 

    According to Urban Thinkers Campus "Making Cities Together" Facebook page, public spaces will be the main topic of the upcoming event. Through it, UN will share how improving this kind of community architectures will also help in bettering a whole community.

    "They are instigators and symbols of important aspects of a city, such as safety, health, and the local economy," Urban Thinkers Campus noted on about the event. In essence, it's about how community architectures function as the starting point of sustainable living.

    At this time, urban development is already part of the architecture. This doesn't refer only to innovative home designs or cutting-edge commercial buildings. Transport stations, marketplace, libraries, government buildings, and others are now likewise part of it. This is what Urban Thinkers Campus "Making Cities Together" will address.

    As stated by Archinect, "city makers, city leaders, policy makers, grassroots leaders, students, urban professional, private sectors and citizens" are welcome in Urban Thinkers Campus "Making Cities Together" conference. This will be a social event where knowledge will be extended to everybody.

    PK Das, Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana, Ethan Kent and Michelle Provoost will be the keynote speakers for "Making Cities Together." Each of them will deal with New Urban Public Spaces agendas such as placemaking, up-scaling & replicating, finance, maintenance, and governance. Urban Thinkers Campus will also welcome on the gathering dialogues and living lab & networking.

    Lastly, Urban Thinkers Campus "Making Cities Together" will happen this coming May 3- 4 in Nairobi, Kenya. Everyone may join the conference but an RSVP is still needed. For inquiries, the event's Facebook page is open for any questions.

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