U-Shaped Skyscraper To Be Challenged By Monstrous Structure That Will Erect On Dallas

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 29, 2017 12:28 PM EDT


    The U-shaped skyscraper in New York is indeed an architectural feat to behold, but the planned towering structure in Dallas hopes to challenge that. There's certainly some impressive innovations in architecture within the past years.

    Even in the present time, there doesn't seem to be any shortages in creative architectural design. Take the U-shaped skyscraper in New York for example, this odd yet fascinating structure is a testament of how far man has gone, when it comes to architecture.

    According to Huffington Post, this curvy skyscraper design even aspires to be the "longest building in the world." However, the U-shaped skyscraper isn't the only structure that defies the limitations of modern-day architecture.

    The planned record-breaking skyscraper in New York hopes to topple the World Trade Center from its throne. With that being said, this does not mean that other planned towering structures aren't trying to topple the U-shaped skyscraper as well.

    Another planned building is hoping to fill the skyline of Dallas City, Texas. The highly-regarded Foster + Partners firm has come up with an architectural concept design that hopes to challenge New York's U-shaped skyscraper.

    According to Dallas News, this ginormous structure will be built on the site where the previous Bank Of America once stood, in Woodall Rodgers and Field Street.

    The planned "million-square foot tower" hopes to, not just challenge the U-shaped skyscraper, but to become the tallest structure in Dallas, in over three decades. Architecture firm Foster + Partners is aiming to incorporate a round-design in the planned building, which would also include a lighted top along with three atrium areas.

    The colossal Dallas skyscraper itself would comprise of glass and steel stretching almost 70 stories high in the Dallas skyline. With the unique and innovative U-shaped skyscraper in New York, and the planned towering skyscraper in Dallas, the architectural feats in 2017 alone is looking good so far. 

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