OnePlus 4 May Be Called OnePlus 5

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    Articles Articles Apr 13, 2017 07:43 PM EDT


    The Oneplus 3 came out last year and took the smartphone industry by a large storm. This year OnePlus is nearly about to release the very next phone after the 3, they are about to release the Oneplus 4. However, sources say that they might not call it the 4.

    A logical person would be confused as to why they are skipping the number 4 in the series of names. According to The Next Web, they will be skipping it and calling the phone the Oneplus 5. At first it may seem like a very random idea and would make no sense, but it has a reason.

    The Oneplus mobile company originates from china. This means that this phone is a product based in the chinese country and therefore it gives first priority to the chinese people and culture. In chinese culture, the number four is considered a very unlucky number.

    This is called Tetraphobia, where Tetra means four. This is basically just chinese superstition but it is one that is widely believed amongst most chinese people. According to Express UK. When the number four is upon them, regardless of whether it is a phone name or it is a floor on a building, they skip it and call it something else.

    Sometimes it is called 3A. and sometimes it is called 5. The same rule applies for the number 14 as well. It is either 13A, or 15. This is the basis of the entire superstition and why the Oneplus may be called the Oneplus 5 instead of Oneplus 4.

    It is very certain that a large consumer base of Oneplus is a chinese consumer base and demand may fall if they name it number 4. They also want to probably respect their culture and the culture of their customers and so they are thinking of naming it this. Only time can tell what they will name it, but it does not look good for the number 4.

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