New Motorola Android Phone Model Leaks Show Some Surprising Specs, Comes With Gold Variant

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    Technology Technology Apr 04, 2017 06:36 PM EDT


    The new Motorola Android phone model called the Moto X was recently leaked and its specs are something worth paying attention to, it also comes with a different gold variant too. Lenovo has just announced the revival of the Moto branding.

    With that said, consumers can expect a set of promising new revamped Moto models such as the Motorola G5 Plus. Along with the company's flagship models comes the new Motorola Android phone dubbed the Moto X.

    According to Cnet, the leaked images show the Moto X sporting an intriguing dual-camera setup. The source stated that, while both Apple and Huawei incorporated dual-cameras into their handsets, they use these cameras differently. Huawei uses this setup with emphasis on focusing more accurately, while Apple puts more emphasis on the dual-camera's zooming capabilities.

    As for how the new Motorola android phone model incorporates its very own dual-camera setup, nobody knows yet at this moment, However, it is highly likely that it will feature something that's different from what Huawei or Apple has already showcased. In terms of megapixel count, sources uncovered that the Moto X comes with 2 13-Megapixel shooters on the back.

    Other than cameras, the Moto X is carrying a different beast in terms of specs, as it reportedly rocks a Snapdragon 625 processor, along with 3GB RAM and 32GB worth of internal storage. While most of these specs aren't officially confirmed yet, it at least gives consumers an idea of how the new Motorola Android phone model will be like.

    Even more surprising, is that the upcoming Moto X is reportedly not being considered as a flagship smartphone, according to Android Headlines. In addition, the source also mentioned that a leak of a golden variant to this new Motorola Android phone has surfaced online.

    Despite the similarities between the regular model and the gold variant, both have stark differences in terms of design. Unlike the leaked Moto X, the gold variant of the new Motorola Android phone does not feature the Motorola bat-wing logo on the front, for starters.

    There might still be some other notable differences between the two, particularly in the specs department, but fans will have to wait for now. It's reported that this new Motorola Android phone will debut in the months to come, so the wait won't have to be that long.

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