Shia LaBeouf To Spend A Month Alone In Finland Cabin

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    Art Art Apr 14, 2017 10:29 AM EDT


    Shia LaBeouf, an actor-turned-performance artist will spend a month living alone in a cabin in the remote Lapland region of Finland for his next art project. The project will include another two members of his art collective.

    According to the Associated Press, the only form of communication available to LaBeouf and his group with the outside world will be via text message to visitors of a Helsinki museum. During the time, the three can respond to visitors but are not permitted to speak to each other.

    The art project is called #ALONETOGETHER. LaBeouf, Nastja Ronkko, and Luke Turner, will live alone in separate cabins in Finland for a month, beginning Wednesday.

    There would also be a livestream of museumgoers and the trio's texts on the museum's website, available to the public. A video feed on the museum's website will offer a view of the museum guests and their text exchanges with LaBeouf, Nastja Ronkko, and Luke Turner.

    The project is one among the series of bizarre art projects LaBeouf had previously included in his art collective. This isolation project, particularly, is the outlet of the disappointing release of his latest film, Man Down, which sold only one ticket during its U.K. opening weekend, according to the People.

    Earlier in January, the actor was caught in a serious political hurdle involving the then elect-president Donald Trump. LaBeouf was arrested following an alleged altercation at his anti-Donald Trump livestream in New York.

    The London-based art and culture magazine Dazed said that the three "hope the performance acts as an antidote to being constantly connected, and functions as a reaction to the global digital revolution and its significant impact on our culture, economy, human identity, and behavior. Or, put simply, the fact that we are never literally alone, not communicating with anyone, or without our phones."

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