Floating Oil Paintings In 3D Form, NastPlas Uses Another Digital Tool To Explore Abstraction

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    Art Art Apr 10, 2017 06:27 PM EDT


    Spanish studio NastPlas has used digital renderings to create a series of floating oil paintings in three-dimensional (3D) form. The work is similar to using strokes of paintbrush suspended in mid-air.

    The floating oil paintings display a patchwork quilts of pigment and texture, as well as collages of color that subtly delineate the outlines of brows and lips, cheeks and jawlines. The combination of both has resulted in a collection of tactile images that has gained a whole lot of attention from art enthusiasts.

    According to the DesignBoom, the collection of floating oil paintings include a series of human heads imagined from a number of different angles, as well as the head of horses. Each object is captured in muted tones of paint that attribute tactility and expressive physicality to the paintings.

    "In this work we have tried to give a new interpretation to the oil painting by creating three-dimensional strokes," NastPlas says. The new floating oil paintings technique allows viewers to visualize the work in a 3D space and explore each stroke with a distinct feeling.

    The faces in the floating oil paintings are not readily discernible at first glance. However, the various visual elements of the composition come together upon closer inspection, creating a looming visage that progressively strikes out from the shadows of the 3D forms.

    The studio behind the floating oil paintings is founded by artist and illustrator Fran R. Learte, and creative director Natalia Molinos. The team often uses digital tools to explore the abstract forms found in nature and express them into paintings.

    Last year, the duo came up with "Eldkeila", portraying a series natural elements like coral reef, seashells and even fungus. "Our works are always inspired by nature, geometric shapes, textures and science," Learte told the Creators.

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