Cold Showers And Its Potential Health Benefits

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    Articles Articles Apr 21, 2017 05:29 PM EDT


    While many people prefer to have a chilly shower, it's more than just the invigorating feeling that lurks in from braving the chill. Cold showers bring a whole lot of potential benefits to health, and is definitely more than just a frosty bath.

    The shock of a cold shower can keep the "morning gloomers" alert. While the strive to wake up can be helped by many other ways, cold showers do it in a much natural and healthy way, without having to rely on Red Bulls or coffee. It is likely to encourage quicker breathing and faster trains of thoughts, which in a sense helps working professionals to set up their mind for a day of success.

    Cold showers also lessen stress. According to Science Direct, researchers discovered that the exposure to cold drastically decreased the uric acid levels of the subjects of study, which means that polar plungers' bodies are better equipped to handle stressful stimuli.

    What many do not know is cold showers also brings beauty benefits, especially for hair and skin pores. "The cold will flatten the ruffled cuticles and lock in moisture to prevent breakage," says Jessie Cheung, a Chicago-based dermatologist.

    When skin and hair get cold, tightening and constricting happen in beneficial ways. Cold showers are not only helpful in constricting blood vessels in skin to temporarily tighten pores, it also reduces redness and puffiness, which is often what concerns a woman.

    Last but not least is the potential benefits of cold showers in improving circulation. Standing in a cold shower encourages blood to flow to vital organs to keep them warm, while warm water sends blood rushing to skin.

    Alternating from hot to cold water, therefore, can help get blood flowing better. Now that cold showers have been proven beneficial to health and well-being, an ice cold shower may be exactly what many need. 

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