Victorian House In The UK - A Mixture Of Dark, Moody And Vintage

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 24, 2017 10:35 AM EDT


    Nicola Broughton shares a big Victorian house beautified with the liberal use of dramatic and moody colors, with her husband and kids. The house is joined with her collection of art, furniture, and salvaged vintage items - that she has mixed together.

    Nicola has used dark charcoal grays, rich and earthy browns, and velvety emerald greens to enliven the walls and furnishings of the Victorian house, just north of Leeds. The dark and moody color palette is an inspiration from designers like Abigail Ahern, which aptly complements the historical Victorian architecture.

    Nicola has done extensive work in decorating the Victorian house over the years, some of which remain. "My style has evolved over the years we have lived here, but the main constant is my love of vintage treasures, which I have collected over many years. I have chosen dark colors that provide to me a cozy atmosphere and allow my vintage treasures to stand out," she said, according to the Apartment Therapy.

    To decorate her Victorian house, Nicola has also combined a wide variety of vintage and normal designs from designers like Rockett St George and other designers on Instagram such as fleamarketfab, cowboykate_, artynads, _lisa_dawson_, and liz_kamarul. She also featured some works from Emily Henson and her books entitled, "Life Unstyled" and "Modern Rustic."

    When asked about her favorites elements of the Victorian house, Nicola revealed that she loves the fireplaces, cove molding and the stained vintage glass. While her two favorite rooms are the main bedroom and living room, Nicola takes much indulgence in her luxury bathroom that was before only a dead space in the eaves of the house until it was opened up and given luxury details.

    Nicola is an investment director investing in and managing high-tech companies. "I'm a great believer that homes can be lived in by young kids and still look stylish," she said, explaining her joy of looking after the Victorian house.

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