Toronto Home To Be Reimagined With Cutouts And Angled Walls By Adrian Phiffer

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 18, 2017 02:18 PM EDT


    Adrian Phiffer has reimagined a conceptual version of concrete home in Toronto. The design responds to the banal character of its proposed location in Midtown Toronto.

    The project, called the Semblance House, is envisioned for Davisville Village in Toronto where the architecture is banal and "ugly," according to Office of Adrian Phiffer. The Toronto home consists of a simple concrete shell with windows of different sizes, angled walls, cut out portions and a sculptured pitched roof.

    The Toronto home, which is about 500 square meters, is designed in such a way that as one moves from the basement to the ground floor to the top level, the floor plans become more widespread as one. The perimeter is pushed and pulled in various directions, creating such effect.

    The basement, stands out as it is reimagined as a labyrinth, while the ground floor serves as a "passage space" that enables movement from the front to the rear. There is also an open room in the upper floor of the Toronto home that is meant to feel empty, according to the Dezeen.

    Meanwhile, designers extracted the lower corner of the home to form a deeply recessed entrance, surrounded by a screen for the street-facing elevation. The concrete eave of its second entrance, on the other hand, is supported by a tall column.

    Space punctuation with permanent or transient forms is included in the Toronto home design with features such as "a triangle of light, a pig bathing in Bahamas, fancy chairs, a hanged circular road". Alongside this is the portion of the top floor extracted to form a well that reflects light down to the ground level.

    "Engaged in the conversation, this house accepts, learns and mimics the architectural language - simple openings, a cornice, a chimney, a water drainpipe," the studio said. "This [Toronto home] is a case of semblance."

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