The ‘Tent House’ In New Zealand, A Design Capturing The Simplicity of Camping

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 21, 2017 04:08 PM EDT


    Architect Chris Tate has designed a house that resembles a tent-like cabin in Waiheke Island, New Zealand. The Tent House, surrounded by tree, captures the simplicity of camping.

    According to the Contemporist, the Tent House includes two levels that make up one main hall. The segments included are the living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom in the top floor.

    It features large windows on one end of the small house, and smaller windows on the other side of the Tent House. This provides a considerable amount of sunlight during the day.

    The white interior helps to reflect the light and add a strong contrast to the black exterior. The only black interior found in the Tent House is the kitchen space and the bathroom door.

    The New Zealand-based architect has designed the Tent House's kitchen in a way that it perfectly fits the triangular shape of the space. Accompanying the fit is strong contrasting lines of cabinetry, accentuating angles and brings more drama to the space of the kitchen.

    An eventual spiral staircase leading to the bedroom, separates the living area from the kitchen. The Tent House becomes more intriguingly home in the night as the interior of the cabin is lit up like a lantern.

    Adding to the back-to-basics camping essence is the bedroom which has a view of the treetops. This part of the Tent House, has draped curtains that provide a naturally mesmerizing entryway to the bedroom, almost resembling a tent.

    The tiny triangular Tent House has won a residential design award due to its interesting architecture. "You come all the way to the very back of the space, you're in the smallest triangular space, and the sense of perspective when you're looking back has been completely exaggerated," George Clark of the Amazing Spaces show exclaimed, according to Stuff. "The whole thing feels so much longer and deeper than it really is."

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