Milan Design Week 2017: Some Mindblowing Exhibitions Of The Century

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    Art Art Apr 24, 2017 11:25 AM EDT


    The Milan Design Week 2017 in April has exhibited a massive explosion of design, all seeking the latest ideas and inspirations. Some most compelling and powerful exhibitions have particularly showcased intellectuality and creativity in the opinion of spectators.

    One carefully assembled and intuitive exhibition in the Milan Design Week 2017 is "Foundation" by Formafantasma. The project presents the result of a series of experiments with light, combined with reflection, shadow, color, and space. The experiments demonstrate the duo's intuitive using commonly found objects from the studio, and in utilizing research-based process.

    Another attention-grabbing exhibition in the Milan Design Week 2017 is "GOD" by Atelier Biagetti. The project is a logical progression of the idea of "money god" which in reality governs all humankind. The project especially uses distinct visual language, incorporating every detail associated with money and the value attributed to it.

    Some outstandingly realistic items included in the project are glass table resemblances of the form of a turnstile at supermarket, and a gold leather bench carrying close resemblance of an exaggerated gold bar. The opening performance of the project at the Milan Design Week 2017 was a perfect demonstration of their "performance design" approach, which included performances and lucky draws to enrich the spectators' experience and the theme of the event.

    "Invisible Outlines" by nendo, on the other side, made an abstract attempt in perceiving objects by subconsciously following "outlines", and by distinguishing the "inside and outside" of these contours. According to Cobo, the Milan Design Week 2017 project successfully captures the aesthetics of minimalism with new pieces that are plainly mind-blowing, such as the "jellyfish vase" and the "80 sheets of mountains" featuring cut out outlines and elongated sheet material.

    Milan never fails to provide inspiration, and it remains to be the capital of design for the now century for this very reason. Although there are many other exhibitions unmentioned, the Milan Design Week 2017 definitely had many winners in the heart of spectators.

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