Girls Garage: The Revolutionary Voice of Feminism in Architecture & Design

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    Articles Articles Mar 15, 2017 11:54 AM EDT


    Architecture and Design are known to be male-dominated fields. Women can't help but also join the fun sometimes though they receive fewer privileges for it. Hence, these females want to strengthen their presence and they build the Girls Garage.

    According to the Girls Garage official website, the main goal of the project is to bring out young girls from their comfort zone. Through the design and building program, their confidence will be encouraged to be a voice in the society.

    Girls Garage have excellent architects, designers, and creative educators heralding those who join the program. The young ones are guided to learn more about "design, engineering, serious skills and social justice."

    The program accepts girls from 9-13. It's an after-school and summer program for them. In relation, Girls Garage started since 2015 and its gaining appreciation more than ever now. It even gives now scholarships for those who really want to attend but unable to due to.

    When designer and builder Emily Pilloton start Project H, Girls Garage prototype project, she only envisioned celebrating young girls raw talents. She never imagined the heavy impacts it will give everyone.

    From the 200 annual enrollees of Girls Garage, almost all of them came out happier and proud. Now, more females are interested in STEM fields than before.

    As stated by Pacific Standard's report, gender in architecture and design is still a debatable matter. To learn more about it, Syracuse University School of Architecture Professor and co-founder of ArchiteXX Lori Brown got interviewed.

    Brown discussed that since before women are really underappreciated in architecture and design profession. Girls Garage might be the answer to this unequal diversity.

    "To continue to speak out, and speak out loudly - I think it's going to require us to be far more vocal than we have been in quite a while," the professor insisted. This is fortunately what Girls Garage aims to do. Feminism is finally having its "voice" today.

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