Waze & Spotify Totally Made Driving More Exciting! Music & Direction Just Got Better With A Dream Collaboration

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    Technology Technology Mar 15, 2017 12:37 PM EDT


    Driving will never be the same after Waze and Spotify announced a new collaboration project. The two applications' features will already be applicable with each other. Navigation and music is made for each other now.

    As stated by Waze's official website, driving will go from functional to fun now. Spotify's playlist is now accessible with Waze. While getting real-time navigation, music is playable with it too. 

    Traffic jams and long drives will be more exciting now with Waze and Spotify. To take note, the collaboration is user-friendly, on just same-screen both of the apps will be available.

    Waze and Spotify made their new project incredibly convenient and easy to use. Users don't need to fear drive interruption or car accident while using it. Both companies made sure it's highly avoided. 

    At the moment, the Spotify and Waze have launched yet their music and navigation jam in Android. Though, it will still a few weeks before it officially rolls out. With iOS users, "we'll keep you posted" is the only news.

    In another report by Spotify, it said that its engagement with Waze is for everyone's enhanced "in-drive experience." Being the first its kind, this is technology milestone everyone looks forward to. Of course, no one will refuse good music and right direction. 

    Commuting is also part of this. There's no need actually to drive to access Spotify and Waze integration. Prior users will get an update to use it, then anyone may download it anytime anywhere. 

    Spotify and Waze want everyone to rock their time on the road. With the new evolution of applications, anything is at the tip of everyone's finger. This will definitely be not the last of the two company's collaboration. 

    More application integration like Waze and Spotify will surely be made in the future. In all, it's only the beginning of the new generation of more convenience for all.

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