Breaking Sitting Too Long Habit, Architecture To The Rescue!

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 17, 2017 03:44 PM EST


    Sitting too much can cause early aging but that's not the most severe yet. Find out here the other possible side effects of this habit and the possibility of chair banning as an answer to it. In essence, architecture can finally be the key to ending the sedentary lifestyle all are taking now.

    In a report by Fastco Design, it widely debated the possibility of banning chairs as the most probable solution to the alarming habit of sitting too much. It actually highlighted as well the innovative "The End of Sitting" and "Breaking Habits" exhibition wherein people can experience a whole new take on a chair-free environment.

    "As long as there are chairs present, people will sit in them habitually," Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances Co-Founder Erik Rietveld discussed. His brother Ronald and he largely studied the notion of sitting for a long time and its side effects. Now, they have reached the peak with the possible eradication of it with an amazing architectural design.

    The two present exhibitions at Mondriaan Fund for Visual Arts is the embodiment of the brothers' tedious research. They take away comfort to change the long tradition of desks and chairs; they think that it's the only way to change human behavior.

    A structure of labyrinth is now the face of "Breaking Habits" and "The End of Sitting," the architectural setting of the place provides little comfort thus making people often move and switch location. At the moment, they are definitely receiving wide appreciation towards it.

    In addition, Times also noted the latest known effects of sitting too much. With long hours of no movement, body cells massively weaken which in turn divide and age. Though, it's said that short exercise or even walk can be the answer to it.

    Lastly, other effects of sitting too much are weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and heart attack. Perhaps, changing a bit the environment by lessening chairs will really make change a lot about this growing habit.

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