How Do Modular Architecture Works? In-tenta Design’s Drop Box Project Reveals Incredible Secrets

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 01, 2017 08:48 AM EST


    In-tenta Design, a Barcelona-based architecture firm, finally discloses the secrets of modular architectural design. Its Drop box hotel project is the latest example of this innovative concept. Learn the basics of this trend and find out whether the structure is really a wonder or not

    The modular approach focuses on parts to whole where "modules" are built off-site then installed like a puzzle. Each is individually formed according to highest standards. With it, the owners are sure to get quality and flexible structure. 

    According to Arch20, a modular architecture like Drop box endures any handling, transportation and construction glitches. Hence, its parts are surely made durable. In short, quality and flexibility are the edges of this idea to many others.

    When In-tenta revealed Drop box, it described the hotel suite as a microarchitecture. Its modular design stems from its small "modules" that once put together creates a one-of-a-kind space. It's a real structure but just made differently for more functionality. 

    Modularity trend is slowly gaining fame today. Many opt to have this now because they see its helpful aspects. Its affordability, practicality, and flexibility are just some of it.

    In essence, In-tenta Design's Drop box hotel suite also leans on the same concept. On its official website, it shared that the secret with modularity is its sustainability on any possible site.

    The Drop box project as a modular architecture highlights its ability to bring its guests to a number of natural locations. They can experience the land and water with all the comfort they need.

    In-tenta Design firm used woods and other natural materials for the Drop box's modules. As usual, It was manufactured off-site, each was created lightweight and durable for easier transport and installation.

    Lastly, those who are rested with modular architecture design, Drop box will surely be a good trial. Experience it and see the wonder of modularity in design.

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