2017 Trends In Home Decor Saw Rise In Keyword Searches; Faux Finishes Becoming Popular

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 04, 2017 05:55 AM EST


    2017 trends have been compiled and shared on the Internet, showing a list of the searches that saw a significant increase in the last year. Identifying the top emerging trends will help those who are planning to improve their homes from replacing the kitchen sink to adding a new plant to a room.

    One of the 2017 trends include nightstands, like the Anderson Side Table that is priced at $3,400, as people are now giving some careful consideration now into their bedside tables, including the style. As a search term, an increase of 721 percent since last year has been noted.  

    Another leading 2017 trend is marble wallpaper, which saw a 303 percent increase in the keyword search. Reports indicate that the marble train has been taking hold of for years now, although this is a new way to introduce the chic texture sans the price tag,  and makes a lovely Instagram backdrop as well.

    Hygge is also among the many emerging 2017 trends. It is the Danish term used in describing the feeling of coziness and homeliness, which saw a 285 percent increase in the searches from last year. Given that the Scandinavian design is becoming a hit on the design market, their trends are also expected to make their way to other regions as well, My Domaine reported.

    Meanwhile, a number of other 2017 trends in home decor are expected to shape every house this year, beginning with butterflies that provide a happy motif to every home. As a symbol of grace and optimism, the butterfly is no longer contained in children's rooms, but are also used in a variety of spaces that have sophisticated accents.

    2017 trends will have faux finishes, as designers and homeowners are turning to faux materials for a more reliable and cheaper option to authentic materials. Other home trends that are expected include faux leather counters, manufactured gray floors and faux foliage, Elle Decor reported. Learn about Interior Design - Top 10 Trends Of 2017 here:


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