Bold Design Treasures In The Marketplace

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    Design Design Mar 08, 2017 11:08 AM EST


    Get your shopping fire ready as this flood of bold design treasures feeds your passion for interior design and you can get all these items online! Read more on these unique items and fall in love with each of them.

    The Apartment Therapy Marketplace is a haven for online shoppers with an eye for interior design as they display different bold design treasures fit for every household. Local sellers share their quirky designs and objects that are up for sale. There are plenty of items to choose from and you might find something you never thought you needed but realize it is all that you wanted all along.

    The objects for sale in the marketplace range from the antiques to the refurbished or improvised ones yet they all become a mixture of bold design treasures. Apartment Therapy picked out their best choices among the many that you can choose. One of these items being an antique gin dispenser that, according to their page, is not on the market anymore. For the price of 150 USD, it is well worth it. This ceramic piece is a good addition to your picnics or just as a design in your kitchen.

    One of these bold design treasures goes heavy on the bold. The vintage barrel chairs scream citrus colors as it comes with a no-shame bold orange but with really comfortable materials. Right now, as posted, it is still up for sale. Other unique items featured on their site are the Kilim Rug (a woven rug with bright patterns) and a unique Indian Rocking Horse.

    Aside from the featured key items, which are bold design treasures, you can have a monochrome treasure chest for yourself from other items in the marketplace. Another thing that is great about this is that not only will you get good finds for a much more affordable price, but also you get items that are not available in your state. Talk about a good story to tell. Whatever rocks your boat; you will be sure to enjoy thrift shopping online.

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