iPhone 8 Design, Specs: Apple’s Proposed Design For The Upcoming iPhone 8

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    Design Design Apr 04, 2017 06:20 PM EDT


    With the increase of new gadgets coming out here and there, these tech companies need to double up their efforts to keep up with the demands of this generation. Apple, one of the leading gadget and technological companies, are trying their best to let their upcoming iPhone 8 keep up with the rest of the smartphones in the market.

    9 to 5 Mac reported that Apple has a lot in store for their loyal customers and for the buyers in general. However, the article shows that they are hoping for a radical and huge change in their upcoming iPhone 8. Apple is popular for releasing new gadgets regularly and one of their most popular and in-demand product is the iPhone. However, customers also know that their releases do not have huge changes; some may be significant but most are just minor ones.

    The changes in this proposed design for the upcoming iPhone 8 are huge. Apple made sure that during their 10th anniversary, a grand release of their popular smartphone is in the works. They mentioned a redesign in glass and stainless steel. Both of which would make the phone sturdier.

    Forbes, however, reported that there are features that Apple decided not to push through. The upcoming iPhone 8 will lose its security friendly touch ID. This feature allows the user to unlock the phone with the use of a fingerprint scanner.

    What comes in its place is something way better and would definitely add more popularity to the long-standing Apple product. The upcoming iPhone 8 will feature a 3D laser scanner that would have a facial recognition. That looks like some brilliant espionage act. This type of technology is one we see in movies and we can now experience firsthand if Apple decides to push through with this proposed design. Let's just have our fingers crossed shall we?

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