'Elder Scrolls' Spin-off Coming To Mobile Phones; 'TES6' Game Setting Hinted

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    Technology Technology Mar 10, 2017 02:00 PM EST


    "Elder Scrolls" spin-off game is confirmed to be coming out to mobile devices soon, while more clues on the TES sequel surfaces as well. The "Elder Scrolls" series is becoming than just a household name in the videogames industry.

    It's a series that has fans clamoring for more after the release of each entry. It is so popular, that it has now extended far beyond its pixel-based retro origins and into the world of fully-realized 3D.

    As a matter of fact, the series is even trying to conquer the TCG genre with their card game "The Elder Scrolls: Legends." According to AndroidAuthority, Bethesda studios has confirmed that the "Elder Scrolls" spin-off is coming out on Android devices, iPad and MacOS.

    The "Elder Scrolls" spin-off isn't exactly a new game, it released last year albeit in beta form and only on the PC. Although this trading card game runs well on computers, its platform is pretty much fitting for mobile devices.

    This "Elder Scrolls" spin-off plays pretty much like any other turn-based TCG game such as "Hearthstone" or the ever-popular "Magic: The Gathering." However, its battle system and its very own unique lore sets it apart from other card game titles.

    Other than the "Elder Scrolls" spin-off, there's another game that fans are eagerly looking forward to. Given the success of "Skyrim", there's no doubt that Bethesda will be coming up with a new "Elder Scrolls" game real soon.

    According to DigitalSpy, hints of the upcoming "Elder Scrolls 6" setting are surfacing over the internet. The source mentioned the term "Project Greenheart", this gives clues as to where the next game will take place.

    Since Greenheart is a city that's located in Valenwood, this suggests that "Elder Scrolls 6" will visit the land of the Bosmers, or Wood Elves. However, Bethesda did mention that they're focusing on other game titles at the moment, so the "Elder Scrolls" spin-off would have to make do, for now at least. 

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